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When I first started my business, I did everything, from setting up client calls, generating financial reports, returning customer messages and e-mails, booking meetings, and even handling my firm’s accounting needs. Hiring virtual assistants (VA) to assist me, with my business’s numerous responsibilities and office jobs, was one of the best investments I made.

While I was more than capable of performing these day-to-day responsibilities, I soon discovered that they were exhausting me personally. A typical day consisted of rushing to see clients, then rushing home in time to assist with supper preparation. I worked late into the night after all the day’s work was done. I reached a point where I was utterly exhausted and realized that as an entrepreneur, I needed to find a better method to manage everything.

Now, what is a VA?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed individual who helps you run your business by doing administrative and operational tasks. Small company owners and other online firms are in high demand for them. It is challenging to manage all of the business departments on your own.

If you’re just getting your firm off the ground, you could enjoy the thrill of other jobs like administration, finance, operations, and sending out a newsletter to your customers. However, you will find it difficult to handle these boring tasks over time. You will be less focused on your primary business duties as a result of this.

When you engage a virtual assistant, on the other hand, they will take over these areas, allowing you to devote your complete attention to growing your firm. A virtual assistant may support you in various ways, and they will relieve you of worry and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

How can a VA help your company?

Hiring virtual assistants

Some of the ways you can benefit from a VA include:

1.  Assist you with your tasks.

It can be difficult for business owners to recognize that they can’t do it all and to surrender control. Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, understand the value of delegation.

Remember, if you’re swamped with tasks that others could easily complete, you’re not supporting your company’s short- or long-term health. Hiring a virtual assistant can teach you how to let go and place more trust in your team, allowing you to focus on the wider picture.

2. Hiring Virtual Assistants cost less.

Because you don’t have to pay benefits or office expenditures like Internet, phone, or rent, VAs save money on labor costs. You can also employ them for a set number of hours to meet your budget, and then add more or less time as needed each month, depending on your company’s demands.

3. Take over minor urgent tasks.

You may be faced with short-term initiatives that demand specialized attention or quick turnarounds as your company grows. These tasks, such as establishing a digital marketing campaign, upgrading operating systems, doing market research, or maintaining inventories, can be handled by virtual assistants.

4. Organize yourself better.

It’s not always easy to spot areas in daily operations when there’s a lot of repetition or apparent gaps. A VA can pinpoint inefficiencies and streamline procedures, which can help everything operate more smoothly and enhance production, depending on their specific areas of expertise.

Many websites, such as Upwork, can assist you in finding a virtual assistant. You might also try contacting your professional network, trade associations, and industry groupings. VAs typically charge by the hour or by a flat fee for doing specified duties. You should treat employing a virtual assistant the same way you would any other employee, with a clear job description, interview, references, and a trial period.

5. Spend more time with your loved ones.

A virtual assistant is employed to help with the business’s day-to-day operations. You will be given further time off if this occurs. You can spend quality time with your family, and time management becomes easier. A virtual assistant is a godsend for small business owners who wish to eliminate the humdrum and achieve the ideal work-life balance. It is not your responsibility to carry out daily tasks, but rather to manage the firm. You will be more productive if you spend more time with your family.

My final thoughts

While you most likely have the ability to handle all or most of your administrative and specialized jobs, you should take stock of your day and decide how best to spend your time.

Our executive and critical thinking skills weaken when we are anxious or have low energy. Working smarter and devoting your workday to the elements of your business that require your entire attention and energy is more vital.

Investing in a virtual assistant, regardless of the size of your company, can be a modest price to pay for a better work-life balance that benefits you, your company, and your personal life.